The Principles of Interior Design Made Easy

If you were are going to ask any young and up and coming designer they will usually stick to the old tag line that “there are no rules, only interpretations.” That is only part true, and when you grow up a little bit and get some experience in the field you see that what you might not want to call a rule per say is definitely a truism and if you do not follow it you are likely to fall on your face and make some big ugly mistakes. I have condensed my design philosophy down to a few easy tricks and tips for any budget across any project that might not tell you want to do exactly, but it will tell you how to do it, as they say. 

Step one is that you keep it real. What ii mean by this is that when it comes to designing your interior space do the space planing first, and how it will feel not how it will look. All to often we make things that look great on Instagram but feel awful in our hearts. The goal of space planning is to create efficiency. Guggenheim a good designer says that, ” we try to be really thoughtful about how people use their spaces; what do you need in your space and how do you move thorugh your life everyday?” If we’re able to give clients all teh things they need without just getting more and more complex and costly, That is a good step for everyone, it’ll save you time which is like money and it will get your clients in their homes and happier, faster.

Up next make sure you always create a vision as they say. “We take a global approach versus just picking a paint color or a sofa, its really about creating a vision. There’s a timelessness and longevity to the interior when you can implement that vision that is been well thought out.” 

If you don’t have a vision you will go into and execute your project blind as it were. Also there should always we a consideration of how you are using materials and how things should be constructed in their ideal sense. Basically you want to be as quality conscious and material conscious as possible. In this regard you are making the environmental choice, but beyond that that you are really making the cheaper choice, because wasted materials is wasted money. Plan out every step and how it will be done and put together in order to get the most accurate estimate possible. Don’t forget that, ” we always check oursleves and make sure were going down the right paths to meet the big picuture goal. It’s so easy with so many products on the market to say I love this, this, and this. If you don’t go back and ask, do these me my goals for the space they may not be the right choice.” When it comes to the design nothing is more important than keeping your eyes on the prize.

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