Are Septic Tanks for You?

They’re not the most pleasant household appliances to think about, but they keep life civilized for plenty of home owners all around the world. They also allow for RVs, airplanes, busses and boats to have bathrooms onboard, which many a weary traveler has appreciated in their moment of need. So how do septic tanks work and when is it time to invest in one? This article will help you answer those questions and many more.

septic tank2How do septic tanks work? Well, it’s not all that complicated. A septic tank is basically just a giant concrete or steel tank that is either buried in the yard or stored somewhere onboard a vehicle. Tanks vary in sizes and generally hold hundreds or even over a thousand gallons of water before they’re even used. Pipes between toilets and the tank allow for waste to enter the tank, where it either floats on top of the water and forms a scum layer or sinks to the bottom of the tank and forms the sludge layer. The middle layer is composed of a fairly clear mix of the original water and whatever particles of waste neither float nor sink.

Septic tanks contain bacteria that break down organic material in wastewater. The process creates gases that most people find extremely unpleasant. This is why sinks have loops of pipe called P-traps that hold water in the lower loop. That water blocks gases from flowing from the tank and into the house or vehicle where the tank is stationed. Instead, the gases flow up a vent pipe that generally opens up at the tip of the roof.

You may be wondering what happens when the septic tank fills. Overtime new water enters the tank, it actually displaces water that’s already been in there, which then flows out of the septic tank and into a drain field. These fields are made of perforated pipers buried in trenches filled with gravel. Drain field pipes are relatively large (around 4 inches in diameter) and open up into trenches 4-6 feet deep and 2 feet wide. The trenches are filled with about 2-3 feet of gravel and then another layer of dirt on top.

septic tank3The waste water is then slowly absorbed and filtered by the ground in the drain field. The size that the drain field needs to be is determined by how well the ground absorbs water. If the septic tank is installed in a place with hard clay that absorbs water slowly, the drain field has to be much bigger. Drain fields tend to actually be moisture and nutrient rich, making the land above them proliferate with foliage.

So who uses septic tanks and why? Septic tanks are definitely a pain to install (and downright awful to troubleshoot given some kind of issue), but they don’t necessitate a plumbing system, making them ideal for people that live off or far from the grid. They’re a lot more sanitary than a hole in the ground, but they don’t need any more electricity or infrastructure to create.

Get Your Oven Baking Again

Believe it or not, your gas or electric oven is actually a pretty simple device. If and when it malfunctions, it’s likely that you can repair it yourself as most of the components are designed for quick and easy disassembly. The following article will help you to move forward in all your DIY oven repair dreams:

First things first: before you do any work on your electric or gas range oven, be sure it is unplugged and/or you have turned off the electric power to the unit by removing a fuse or switching off a circuit breaker at the main entrance panel or at a separate panel (however it works in your household). If there is a grounding wire directly to the range, be sure to disconnect it. If you’re working with a gas range oven, you also need to be sure to disconnect the unit’s gas supply.

double ovenMost gas oven malfunctions involve the supply and ignition of gas in the burners and the oven, while most electric oven malfunctions have something to do with faulty heating elements. Let’s start with gas oven issues.

As mentioned earlier, gas ovens are designed so that they can be easily disassembled. here’s how you do it: Take out the screws that hold the panels and pull off all the control knobs (they are generally made to be friction-fit). If the control knobs have setscrews, you’ll have to back them out using a screwdriver or Allen wrench and remove the knobs. Once you’ve got the panels off, remove the back surface panel on the control panel by backing out a series of screws that likely line the edge of your panel. Remove mounting screws and control knobs so you can remove the decorative panel from its frame. If the screws are hidden by molding or trim, use a putty knife to scrape that off. To look at the burner assemblies, you’ll have to remove the burner grates and the top of the range, which should either lift up and off or open back on its hinges. Most oven doors can be removed by pulling them up and out of their hinges. If the hinges have a latch, you’ll have to unlock them. Now you know what to do if you need to replace a bulb or oven light!

gas rangeIf the flame of your gas burner isn’t quiet, steady, slightly rounded with a light-blue tip and responding to adjustments, you may have burner troubles. Likely your issue is related to your oven’s air shutter mixer plate, which you can find at the end of the burner tube near the knob controls. Turn a small screw on the plate, slide the plate open or closed, and tighten the setscrew to make the necessary adjustments.

Yellow flames imply your burner isn’t receiving enough air. Open the plate slightly to fix the problem. If the flame is too high and tends to make a loud roaring noise, it’s getting too much air and you’re going to want to close the plate slightly.

What’s in Your Clothes Dryer (Besides Clothes)

Clothes dryers have been around for decades and show no sign of decreasing in number. They’re handy for buyers and cheap to make for distributors. Here’s a little information about what makes these things tick.

Every dryer has a rotating tumbler in which the wet clothes are held. Along with this it contains a gas powered heater that heats up the air that is pushed through the wet clothes as they tumble, which in turn heats up the water contained in the clothes as well as the clothes themselves. Finally, each dryer has an exhaust vent through which the water is released in the form of steam. Generally the exhaust vent tunnels not only out of the dryer but out of the house entirely.

dryer2Let’s think for a second about air circulation. You may have noticed that warm, moist air leaves your dryer through a hole in the back of the appliance which is then hooked up to a pipe or a vent. Did you ever wonder where the air actually enters the dryer? It enters through a large hole in the front of the dryer and is sucked past the heating element and into the tumbler. It then enters the door and is directed through the lint screen, passes through a duct in the front of a the dryer, and is forced into the duct leading out the back of the dryer by a fan.

Ok, how about the dryer’s ability to spin your clothes around? If you open up a dryer, you might initially be surprised that it lacks any gears on the tumbler. It turns out that the tumbler is actually just one giant gear (or pulley), and the motor drives a tiny pulley. The ratio between the larger tumbler diameter and the tiny motor pulley diameter allow for gears to be unnecessary.

The tumbler has a thin belt wrapped around it that is looped through the little pulley and then through the big pulley. Tension is created between the belt pulling the pulley off center and the spring that pulls it back in the opposite direction.

The same electric motor actually drives both the fan and the tumbler. The pulley for the tumbler belt is attached to one output of the motor and the fan is hooked up to the other.

There are no bearings in a dryer to help the tumbler support the weight of the load of clothing and spin smoothly. Instead, a flange that is spun by a simple bushing and bolted to the back of the tumbler.

dryer3The dryer’s controls are not electronic. When you turn a knob to start a load, a system of gears, cams, electrical contacts and motors work in synchrony to make sure your dryer functions according to your liking. Just a quick turn of the cycle switch activates a motor that turns a gear on the dial, which si then connected to a set of four cams stacked on top of each other which in turn engage one of the four contacts in the switch. Each contact has a bend in it and each bend is located at a different height inside the box. Each connected cam ups the heat a little further.

Home Decor Hacks; Make Cheap Look Expensive

With a little opportunism and good taste, you can actually stretch a dollar pretty far without making aesthetic compromises. Think about it; the difference between old and vintage can be as simple as a layer of gloss stain. Here are a few examples of smart conversions that left home owners satisfied without breaking their bank.

white furniturePaint Inexpensive Furniture with High-Gloss White Paint

If you’re going for the open, clean and pure look, cheap furniture is generally going to ruin the mood. The exception: old, antique or otherwise inexpensive furniture that could stand a layer of paint. Often furniture looks old and cheap and is sold at a low price because its paint is chipping or in bad condition; all you have to do is find a nicely designed, structurally sound example of this and spruce it up with a quick sanding and a few layers of glossy white paint. If it’s a table or cabinet, consider putting a glass pane over the top for extra fanciness.

Paint Your Vinyl or Linoleum Flooring

Although it may sound unusual, there’s no real reason not to try painting your linoleum floors if they’re driving you crazy. This is an especially cheap solution to the eye sore that cheap and dirty linoleum tends to create, especially if you’re unlucky enough to have white or light-colored floors. All you need to do is clean your vinyl or linoleum floors with soap and water, scrub them with trisodium phosphate, sand off the finish. Prime the floors with latex wall primer and paint your floor with “porch & floor” paint. This paint is made to be weather proof and walked on.

mirrorWhen in Doubt, Add a Mirror

Cheap, framed mirrors can make any bedroom door look like it was made for a rich person. They’re an easy and cost-effective way to take up wall space and make your room look larger.

Hide Your Wires

Sometimes expensive and chic vibes can be attained through absence, which is probably a relief to people who can’t afford to buy anything. So much of the minimalist, organized cleanliness of a nice home can be attained by hiding your ethernet cables and extension cords and whatnot. You can use an inexpensive base-colored curtain rod to run your cables to outlets without having to sacrifice a clean-cut look.

Use Napkin Rings and Bows to Have a Rich Person Shower

Slightly counter-intuitive since poor people don’t have napkin rings, but on the off chance you see some around, know that they’ll make a plain shower curtain look like a tasteful, minimalist choice made by someone with the money to have picked something more expensive. If you use silk ribbon to tie the curtain to the napkin rings and remove the dead cat out of your bathtub drain it will look like a princess showers in your bathroom!

Put All Your Kitchen Sink Cleaning Products on a Cake Stand

Rich people eat cake a lot more than they clean cakes, or clean anything for that matter! That’s why you want to keep your cleaning supplies on a cake stand, so people think that there is usually a cake there, but your maid put your soap on it for a moment so that she could clean your counters for less than minimum wage.

Home furniture- tips to find the best

Choosing the furniture for home is a great task which involves more hassles. If you are a person who is about to choose best furniture for your new home, you have wide options which are spread around the market. Today there is much exclusive furniture which can be used for various home needs. And obviously choosing the best among them will be quite tiring since you have flooded options. But here are some best furniture shopping tips, which will help you in finding the best furniture for your home in spite of enriched options.

Know your needs

As said above today there are many exclusive furniture in the market. The needs of one may get varied from another. Hence before moving to the shopping zone, declare your needs. Make sure about what kind of furniture is needed for your home and be strict to the line. You can also make a list on the type of furniture needed for your living space. While listing, make sure to consider your bathroom cabinets as they are also the part of your listing. And be keener while listing the furniture for your kid’s room. Once if you have listed the furniture discuss with your family members to ensure that nothing is left out.

Consider the space

Once if you have decided to shop home furnishings make sure not to dump your entire home space with fittings. Having passion to buy different fittings is not a mistake. But you are supposed to consider the space. Buying huge furniture which will not fit your space is waste of time and money. Hence measure the space before ordering your furniture. If possible you can also seek the help of the interior designers who can give the best furnishing ideas according to your space. Choosing the furniture according to the dimension suggested by them will help in making the home comfort as well as spacey.

Are they safety?

This is the most important factor to be considered with the furnishings. While choosing each and every fitting, it is must be ensure whether they are safe enough to handle. Especially the safety must be greatly concerned with the kid’s furniture. It is always better to avoid the fittings which are made up of glass for your kid’s room. This is because they may not handle it properly and the chances of getting injured are also high. Apart from this, if you are living in the area which is often exposed to flood, choose the furniture accordingly. That is the fittings should not get damaged even if they are exposed to water.

Do they come in budget?

Obviously, you must be very careful in your budget and in choosing the fittings accordingly. Before visiting the furniture store declare your budget and start your search accordingly. Today, there are many furniture stores in online market where you can avail greater discounts for every shopping. If you are highly concerned over budget, you can hire the online stores to choose the suitable home fittings.

Choose right company for your oven repair service

viking appliance and oven repair servicesNow the latest technologies and innovations made our lifestyle good and save our time in day today life. Even men are used to cook these times just by having an oven in their kitchen. When you have anoventhen your cooking time and your efforts will be reduced. Sometimes we may get irritated and frustrated at morning on our business days because of oven repair. We can’t do anything with that and it can’t cook as well. If you buy a new oven it costs a lot but if we repair our existing oven we can reduce all our efforts and save money.

To repair an oven we should choose right repairing service company. All we demand is an efficient service with reasonable service cost. In this manner the viking oven repair service giving their best results since in the year of 1987 and they are providing many home appliance services and sales which is manufactured originally in California. For all your repair service for home appliances you can choose Vikingin order to get good service.

As well as electrical ovens should be handled with care and we should not make anything wrong by doing the repair individually. If we done anything wrong in circuits then we have to face severe effects on oven. Playing with electrical goods will make any kind of hazards and the damages may not be repayable. The viking oven repair doing all the efforts and giving best results by their service. After their service you will have your oven as like as before.

Living Rooms Should Have Beautiful Sofas

sofasHome owners want their living rooms to be beautifully decorated so that they offer all sorts of comforts to both the family members and the other guests and friends who visit the homes. One of the home décor includes the Sofas that not only offers attraction but also offers the warm and welcome features to the visitors. Before making a decision to buy the fashionable item one should consider certain features. In the first place features of throw should be taken into account as they offer powerful additional features to any type of living room. Sofas can be bought in various designs and models which can be used as beds during the night. Feature of throw really offers the ideal conditions as one can cover the sofa along with enabling the users to keep them clean and maintain the same for a longer span of time. Throws covering the sofas are available in different colours that can add attraction to the living rooms. People prefer to use the throw as a sheet for purposes of comfort whenever one watches the television.


When a home owner wants to decorate their living rooms with sofas one can find huge selection as far varieties are concerned. Buyers who are attic lovers can prefer to choose antique sofas. They prefer the above type because they want their living rooms to look more elegant and beautiful. Many people look out for the French models that not only offer comfort to the sitters but also buyers like the coil spring technology that is used in the manufacture of such sofas.

sofas2Even German styles are the favorite of many buyers as they offer styles related to Victorian furniture styles. Beautiful seating features along with the coil springs are the main attractions of the above type of sofas. Some sofas can be easily identified by their brand name Queen Anne sofa which has enhancing features namely the claw foot legs, curved back with button fittings at the back and on the seat. Material used is leather which is preferred by many buyers as they get various attractive colours with varied styles.

Fashion lovers also love to buy Camel back type of sofa which is special because of the foot styles which are cabriole and tapered legs. Buyers can access the relevant online website and search for the European and French furniture styles that offer huge selection with different varieties from the traditional to modern styles. Victorian styles are mostly preferred by the buyers due to the features of carved mahagony and walnut along with dark upholstery. More colours are available with the best designs. In the collection of sofas even buyers can find the vintage styles and fashions wherein the seats are made with comfortable modern features. Hence well search out for the various designs and styles and buy the best branded ones at reasonable and affordable prices and give the living rooms the best get up with best sofas and best designed covers. Also give preference to the type of material used in the manufacture of sofas as they have their importance and role in the life span of the furniture.

Look Out For the Best Plumbing Services

plumbing1Newly constructed homes and old homes are always in need of the best Plumbing services. Plumbing is not so an easy task and can be carried out by anyone. The task involves functions related to repairs and installation procedures relating to different types of taps, pipes, washers, valves and many other things. It is always advisable to engage the services of the professionals who have acquired skills of plumbing through training and hence can conduct the tasks in an effective manner. Modern hectic life of people makes them look out for the best service professionals so that they can carry out their other routines in a successful manner.

Hiring the best plumbers helps one to solve their problems in a hassle free manner as they offer the speedy service. For instance pipes that create problems with leakages can be easily solved if one hires a person who can fix up the problem in a short span of time. One cannot overlook such problems as water gets wasted and moreover one may have to face water shortage which leads to other routines a stand still one. From the appearance problems related to plumbing may look simple but in reality one finds it a complicated issue when they try to fix the same on their own. Hence it is important that plumbing services is the need of the hour with which one can identify the root cause of the problem and gets them fixed up.


Professional plumbers are well aware of the various parts related to plumbing as they carry out the tasks related to traditional and modern plumbing methods. They have sound knowledge about the various procedures and their experience in the field has made them experts. They can hence suggest their clients about the right kind of parts to be used to fix the related issue. Sometimes buyers face the problem with the spare parts and plumbers know which one can really fit the needs of the customers.

plumbing2They have knowledge about the replacement of the various parts even if the original part is not available in the market. People sometimes opt for renovation of the whole plumbing system for purposes of utilization of the modern innovative methods. Related to the above also one can get valuable suggestions from the professionals and can accordingly change the system. People normally opt for the modern features of plumbing as they have to spend more money on repairs of the old system.

A good example is replacement of the old water heater with a new one that can save a lot of money on energy consumption which has produced more bills on electricity due to the old heater. Always having a permanent solution from the service provider enables one to find out solutions for their problems of plumbing as they can contact them any time and trouble shoot the problem in a comfortable and convenient manner. Professional plumbing services are always trustable as they offer excellent quality services that offer complete satisfaction and guarantee to their valued customers. Although one avails various benefits out of the best plumbing services it is better one checks their credentials to get the best services in time.

Gorgeous Living Room for a Home

room1Shelter is a one of the basic need for a human. Only with the available shelter one can get all the basic needs to live in this world. The shelter is the one which keeps a man to make him safe from the other animals and also by the natural disorders.

The home in which the people are living is the most important need. People are living in the house from their birth to the death, so they feel to keep their home in a good manner as according to their taste. This is because they are the one who is going to live there till at their life’s ends. Therefore a person thinks to keep their home as according to his wish and taste. In this way a man is decorating his home and keeping it to look like a palace.

For each and every person their home is a palace. Therefore it’s the duty of the man to make their home beautiful and look like a palace. In this way people, try to keep their each and every rooms looking gorgeous. One feels that the living room is not a place alone it is also the place where the whole family mostly spend their time and which attracts and invites our guest to our house. The members of the whole family will always make them relax to be in the living room.

In all the families most of the time and entertainments are held in the living room. Therefore a person’s full entertain is happen in the living room alone. This alone makes a person to keep their home look beautiful. Children also feel themselves to be in their living room itself, because of the designs and decorations that have been made in their homes. If our living rooms is full decorated with a good designs the guest who are coming to our homes will be definitely love to be in our living room. This also gives a prestige to the owner of the homes.

room2Designing In Living Room

One need not to be a designer or interior designer to have a designed living room, they have go with the help of the interior designers to design their living rooms. One should need to keep their living room looking bright, that is brightness is the one which is more important for a living room. Dull colors will not look our more attractive and keep our living room beautiful. The colors which are important to be painted in our living room, as according to our color choice one need to make interior decorations to the walls of the living room. Interiors decorations are very important. This alone brings a good look to our home. And as according to the selection of the color one need to select the show pieces and the wall designs for our living room. According to the color selection one can make use of the available technology in the Living Room Design. Even the designs can be made by searching in the internet.