Look Out World; Guy Fieri Cookware Hits the Market

As any home cook knows, a cook’s cookware sends a message about that cook’s particular style, flavor, and even might act as a clue to their favorite dishes. That’s why kitchen appliance design and personalized appliances are entering a new boom in the culinary industry, and a lot of higher-ups in the kitchen markets have taken heed. In fact, possibly one of the most famous chefs in the world just responded to this rising trend by releasing an entirely new line of kitchenware. I give you: Guy Fieri cookware.

Known for his big personality and frosted tips (as well as some more uncomfortable luke-warm episodes costarring his son, Hunter), Guy Fieri’s TV show and persona have transcended the typical instruction cooking time slot and become more of a lifestyle shared among a Guy-Fieri-centered community. “Cookin’ it, Livin it’, Lovin’ it” reads his Guy Fieri Designs knife sheaths. A spatula sports a picture of a bird flying and cawing while still holding a banner that reads “Guy” between its wings. Another knife sheath says “Guy!” and has some Japanese pictures of fish. Allegedly many of the images present on his line were designed by Fieri’s personal tattoo artist. Let’s take a deeper look.

True Guy lguyovers will appreciate this chef’s shirt, which offers a unique blend of more orthodox cooking culture and the grungier, edgier style that is more commonly associated with the Guy Fieri we all know and love. Any chef’s pouting midriff can be disguised by the double buttoned design recognizable as typical chef culture, but the burnt orange is a daring choice and the black lining and black skull-chef detailing shows just how far Guy is willing to go to push the envelope in terms of that it means to be a chef and a human being. The mannequin upon which the shirt is hung is actually a to-scale presentation of what Guy Fieri thinks he looks like. The denim cut offs are merely a suggestion in terms of what to pair the shirt with and may have been photo shopped into the image.

namasteBut enough about the man’s products, let’s move on to the man himself. Fieri has a particular style and mode of movement that can always be recognized, but never recreated, even by the most fervent of guy fieri studiers. His current tattoos will hopefully one day be hung in museums (after his death, of course) at which point travelers from all walks of Earth will be able to see the fine details of his “Namaste… Morgan” tattoo along with a variety of other tattoos including one with a skeleton wearing a chef’s hat. When “Namaste… Morgan” will make it onto a frying pan remains to be seen, but we can assume that his pans, clothing and personality will always be for sale as long as his trusty following remains loyal to their leader in hearty eats. In other words, so long as there is good taste in the world, there will be Guy Fieri cookware. Long live Guy!




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