The Principles of Interior Design Made Easy

If you were are going to ask any young and up and coming designer they will usually stick to the old tag line that “there are no rules, only interpretations.” That is only part true, and when you grow up a little bit and get some experience in the field you see that what you might not want to call a rule per say is definitely a truism and if you do not follow it you are likely to fall on your face and make some big ugly mistakes. I have condensed my design philosophy down to a few easy tricks and tips for any budget across any project that might not tell you want to do exactly, but it will tell you how to do it, as they say. 

Step one is that you keep it real. What ii mean by this is that when it comes to designing your interior space do the space planing first, and how it will feel not how it will look. All to often we make things that look great on Instagram but feel awful in our hearts. The goal of space planning is to create efficiency. Guggenheim a good designer says that, ” we try to be really thoughtful about how people use their spaces; what do you need in your space and how do you move thorugh your life everyday?” If we’re able to give clients all teh things they need without just getting more and more complex and costly, That is a good step for everyone, it’ll save you time which is like money and it will get your clients in their homes and happier, faster.

Up next make sure you always create a vision as they say. “We take a global approach versus just picking a paint color or a sofa, its really about creating a vision. There’s a timelessness and longevity to the interior when you can implement that vision that is been well thought out.” 

If you don’t have a vision you will go into and execute your project blind as it were. Also there should always we a consideration of how you are using materials and how things should be constructed in their ideal sense. Basically you want to be as quality conscious and material conscious as possible. In this regard you are making the environmental choice, but beyond that that you are really making the cheaper choice, because wasted materials is wasted money. Plan out every step and how it will be done and put together in order to get the most accurate estimate possible. Don’t forget that, ” we always check oursleves and make sure were going down the right paths to meet the big picuture goal. It’s so easy with so many products on the market to say I love this, this, and this. If you don’t go back and ask, do these me my goals for the space they may not be the right choice.” When it comes to the design nothing is more important than keeping your eyes on the prize.

GE Offers IFTTT Across Entire Product Line

On Thursday, General Electric added three more IFTTT channels to its repertoire, releasing the statement that it is now officially the only appliance maker in the world to support the connected-home service across its entire product line. That means dishwashers, clothes washers and dryers, cooking appliances, and water heaters can all function in the same IoT system.

iftttIFTTT stands for “If this, then that,” a phrase that signifies the method of automating tasks based on particular conditions. Users are then able to create simple scripts of circumstances, called “recipes,” which determine which circumstances will yield some kind of functioning by some kind of appliance. The recipes can be created to taste on the service’s website or mobile app, then IFTTT handles your stuff’s proper functioning from there. IFTTT also has a Do button, which sidesteps whatever “If” portion of the recipe and simply performs your instruction.

While GE is not the only appliance manufacturer to use the IFTTT system (some LG washers and dryers are also equipped to work), no company has taken IFTTT compatibility across appliances this far.

Still a little shakey on the IFTTT system? Here’s some examples:

If your dishwashing cycle has ended, then blink your Philips Hue lights as an alert; Use your Do button to extend the dryer’s drying time; If the refrigerator door is open longer than two minutes, send a text message.

This is only a tiny sample of the options that become available when you embrace the IFTTT system. The IFTTT system offers suggestions for new users, but it connects over 300 services, to the permutations possible for the average buyer greatly surpass what the company can suggest.

ifttt3“Having the full suite available on IFTTT allows consumers to stay on top of their home appliances in new ways that are created just for them and their lifestyle,” explained Brett Luckabaugh, GE’s connected-appliances chief.

While the IFTTT presents a completely new and exciting way to manage a home, relatively few of GE’s customers have actually started using the service. The company’s press release states that “over 400 connected users across multiple IFTTT channels” have jumped into the new service, and have created over 3000 recipes that run every week.

“It’s exciting to see GE Appliances bring their vision of a richer, more connected home to life with IFTTT,” stated Anne Mercogliano, VP of marketing for IFTTT. “Having their entire suite of smart appliances on the platform creates new connections for the hundreds of existing apps and devices on IFTTT that gives users the power to tailor their world to what is important to them.”

Apparently GE Appliances has been working alongside IFTTT since June of 2015, enabling them to add functionality for users to get more out of their GE Appliances products. The additional three new channels, which have really caused all the media buzz, add to that functionality, enabling washers, dryers and dishwasher units to be connected to more than 100 other appliances as well as connected devices via Facebook and Twitter. It brings more smart home products together.

Check Out This Insane New Take on Refrigeration

To be sure, the world of refrigeration is due for a major change. Commercial refrigeration technology has remained largely the same for the past century, and while scientists have been working on new ways to make cooling more energy efficient and less resource exhaustive, no one’s ideas have come close to the newest concept product to hit the blogosphere: the Bio-Robot Refrigerator.

It may look more like the inside of a septic tank than a place to store your food, but the Bio-Robot Refrigerator was a stand out design at the Electrolux Design Lab’s annual competition to create innovative home appliances. This year’s contest had a special theme: to encourage budding developers to create home appliances that would be fit for the year 2050, take up less space and energy, and not be so hard on the eyes.

biofridge blablablaWhether or not you find green slime aesthetically pleasing, you’re bound to be impressed by the idea put forward by Russian student Yuriy Dmitriev. His refrigerator uses a biopolymer gel that keeps food cool and uses practically no energy except what’s required for the refrigerator’s small control pad.

The refrigerator is basically just a door full of this biopolymer. Bubbles and food float in the gel when the refrigerator is in use. It takes up one fourth of the space of a standard door and is virtually silent. It just sort of eerily sits in whatever kitchen it calls home, seeming to project the future while encapsulating yesterday’s leftovers.

In order to remove your food from the gel-filled enclosure, you simply stick your hand in and do it live. Pictures show unwrapped fish and the like just floating around in there, but likely if you wanted to avoid cross contamination you would want to wrap all your food before throwing it in there.

While the Bio-Robot Refrigerator caught the most attention of all the submissions to the Electrolux contest, it raises a lot of questions in terms of its practical use.

electroluxFor example, even if you wrap your food before placing it in the refrigerator, accidents to happen and there tends to be some food debris or spills that end up dirtying the refrigerator. If you were to, say, put a slightly opened carton of milk in that green slime and then some milk spilled into the gel, what would you do about it? Can you only clean the thing by getting rid of tainted gel? If you get rid of the tainted gel, do you just shove it down your garbage disposal? Is any of that stuff biodegradable? Seems like it can’t be, otherwise it would just degrade next to your food.

Or on the other hand, does the gel constitute a biohazard? Do you need to put it in a biohazardous materials bag before throwing it away?

Can you put some of the gel into a cooler and have a portable refrigerator? Who knows, but the thing looks pretty cool and interesting. Maybe we’ll end up using something like it one day, but the constant gel contact is likely a liability. Some kid’s going to end up eating a fistful of it.

Home Decor Hacks; Make Cheap Look Expensive

With a little opportunism and good taste, you can actually stretch a dollar pretty far without making aesthetic compromises. Think about it; the difference between old and vintage can be as simple as a layer of gloss stain. Here are a few examples of smart conversions that left home owners satisfied without breaking their bank.

white furniturePaint Inexpensive Furniture with High-Gloss White Paint

If you’re going for the open, clean and pure look, cheap furniture is generally going to ruin the mood. The exception: old, antique or otherwise inexpensive furniture that could stand a layer of paint. Often furniture looks old and cheap and is sold at a low price because its paint is chipping or in bad condition; all you have to do is find a nicely designed, structurally sound example of this and spruce it up with a quick sanding and a few layers of glossy white paint. If it’s a table or cabinet, consider putting a glass pane over the top for extra fanciness.

Paint Your Vinyl or Linoleum Flooring

Although it may sound unusual, there’s no real reason not to try painting your linoleum floors if they’re driving you crazy. This is an especially cheap solution to the eye sore that cheap and dirty linoleum tends to create, especially if you’re unlucky enough to have white or light-colored floors. All you need to do is clean your vinyl or linoleum floors with soap and water, scrub them with trisodium phosphate, sand off the finish. Prime the floors with latex wall primer and paint your floor with “porch & floor” paint. This paint is made to be weather proof and walked on.

mirrorWhen in Doubt, Add a Mirror

Cheap, framed mirrors can make any bedroom door look like it was made for a rich person. They’re an easy and cost-effective way to take up wall space and make your room look larger.

Hide Your Wires

Sometimes expensive and chic vibes can be attained through absence, which is probably a relief to people who can’t afford to buy anything. So much of the minimalist, organized cleanliness of a nice home can be attained by hiding your ethernet cables and extension cords and whatnot. You can use an inexpensive base-colored curtain rod to run your cables to outlets without having to sacrifice a clean-cut look.

Use Napkin Rings and Bows to Have a Rich Person Shower

Slightly counter-intuitive since poor people don’t have napkin rings, but on the off chance you see some around, know that they’ll make a plain shower curtain look like a tasteful, minimalist choice made by someone with the money to have picked something more expensive. If you use silk ribbon to tie the curtain to the napkin rings and remove the dead cat out of your bathtub drain it will look like a princess showers in your bathroom!

Put All Your Kitchen Sink Cleaning Products on a Cake Stand

Rich people eat cake a lot more than they clean cakes, or clean anything for that matter! That’s why you want to keep your cleaning supplies on a cake stand, so people think that there is usually a cake there, but your maid put your soap on it for a moment so that she could clean your counters for less than minimum wage.

Gorgeous Living Room for a Home

room1Shelter is a one of the basic need for a human. Only with the available shelter one can get all the basic needs to live in this world. The shelter is the one which keeps a man to make him safe from the other animals and also by the natural disorders.

The home in which the people are living is the most important need. People are living in the house from their birth to the death, so they feel to keep their home in a good manner as according to their taste. This is because they are the one who is going to live there till at their life’s ends. Therefore a person thinks to keep their home as according to his wish and taste. In this way a man is decorating his home and keeping it to look like a palace.

For each and every person their home is a palace. Therefore it’s the duty of the man to make their home beautiful and look like a palace. In this way people, try to keep their each and every rooms looking gorgeous. One feels that the living room is not a place alone it is also the place where the whole family mostly spend their time and which attracts and invites our guest to our house. The members of the whole family will always make them relax to be in the living room.

In all the families most of the time and entertainments are held in the living room. Therefore a person’s full entertain is happen in the living room alone. This alone makes a person to keep their home look beautiful. Children also feel themselves to be in their living room itself, because of the designs and decorations that have been made in their homes. If our living rooms is full decorated with a good designs the guest who are coming to our homes will be definitely love to be in our living room. This also gives a prestige to the owner of the homes.

room2Designing In Living Room

One need not to be a designer or interior designer to have a designed living room, they have go with the help of the interior designers to design their living rooms. One should need to keep their living room looking bright, that is brightness is the one which is more important for a living room. Dull colors will not look our more attractive and keep our living room beautiful. The colors which are important to be painted in our living room, as according to our color choice one need to make interior decorations to the walls of the living room. Interiors decorations are very important. This alone brings a good look to our home. And as according to the selection of the color one need to select the show pieces and the wall designs for our living room. According to the color selection one can make use of the available technology in the Living Room Design. Even the designs can be made by searching in the internet.