GE Offers IFTTT Across Entire Product Line

On Thursday, General Electric added three more IFTTT channels to its repertoire, releasing the statement that it is now officially the only appliance maker in the world to support the connected-home service across its entire product line. That means dishwashers, clothes washers and dryers, cooking appliances, and water heaters can all function in the same IoT system.

iftttIFTTT stands for “If this, then that,” a phrase that signifies the method of automating tasks based on particular conditions. Users are then able to create simple scripts of circumstances, called “recipes,” which determine which circumstances will yield some kind of functioning by some kind of appliance. The recipes can be created to taste on the service’s website or mobile app, then IFTTT handles your stuff’s proper functioning from there. IFTTT also has a Do button, which sidesteps whatever “If” portion of the recipe and simply performs your instruction.

While GE is not the only appliance manufacturer to use the IFTTT system (some LG washers and dryers are also equipped to work), no company has taken IFTTT compatibility across appliances this far.

Still a little shakey on the IFTTT system? Here’s some examples:

If your dishwashing cycle has ended, then blink your Philips Hue lights as an alert; Use your Do button to extend the dryer’s drying time; If the refrigerator door is open longer than two minutes, send a text message.

This is only a tiny sample of the options that become available when you embrace the IFTTT system. The IFTTT system offers suggestions for new users, but it connects over 300 services, to the permutations possible for the average buyer greatly surpass what the company can suggest.

ifttt3“Having the full suite available on IFTTT allows consumers to stay on top of their home appliances in new ways that are created just for them and their lifestyle,” explained Brett Luckabaugh, GE’s connected-appliances chief.

While the IFTTT presents a completely new and exciting way to manage a home, relatively few of GE’s customers have actually started using the service. The company’s press release states that “over 400 connected users across multiple IFTTT channels” have jumped into the new service, and have created over 3000 recipes that run every week.

“It’s exciting to see GE Appliances bring their vision of a richer, more connected home to life with IFTTT,” stated Anne Mercogliano, VP of marketing for IFTTT. “Having their entire suite of smart appliances on the platform creates new connections for the hundreds of existing apps and devices on IFTTT that gives users the power to tailor their world to what is important to them.”

Apparently GE Appliances has been working alongside IFTTT since June of 2015, enabling them to add functionality for users to get more out of their GE Appliances products. The additional three new channels, which have really caused all the media buzz, add to that functionality, enabling washers, dryers and dishwasher units to be connected to more than 100 other appliances as well as connected devices via Facebook and Twitter. It brings more smart home products together.

Updating Your Water Heater

Everywhere you look home tech is on the up-and-up. There is perhaps no home appliance that affects our general comfort, well being, health, and overall happiness more than our water. We depend on them in so many ways so when buying your next water heater you should consider improving this vital equipment.
waterMost people today have some kind of tank type heater that is usually of a particularly follows the general principle where in a large reservoir of water is stored and warmed at a constant temperature and is insulated in some way. Weather they are electric or gas powered they are in any regard veterinarians of in efficiency. The reason being that the large sum of water needs to be maintained at a constant temperature where in at any time if someone were to call upon the water they would make sure that it is always at the ready. However, because of this the water must be stored at a much higher temperature than you would normally need for things such as showers or sinks, thus the extremely hot water is mixed with a cold water line in an attempt to dampen the heat. This is inefficient of 2 fronts, if one hand you are not only holding the water at a higher temperature than you need, you are also instantly quenching the energy produced that went into heating it up. Secondly, it is an inconvenience when you do end up using it and you have a high demand for the water and you run out it takes a relatively long time  heat the water back to the desired temperature.
lkjThis is the way most Americans get hot water and it is extremely inefficient. However, there are innovations in recent yeas that hope to begin to chip away at these problems. The first thing to consider is installing a system that is small tube in nature. What this means is that you have a water heater that is on a long network of tubes that intertwine and mix with one another and allow the small area have a much higher surface area to be affected by short more controlled bursts of heat energy. This allows for a dormant system to exist where by when no one is using the system it is completely off and using no energy waiting for someone to engage the system with the twist of the knob allowing for a rapid controlled burst of most commonly natural gas to heat the pipes in a manner of seconds and deliver it at the exact desired temperature allowing for the cold double system to be basically nullified. This is also a great benefit when you consider the fact that you can theoretically have hot water as long as the pipes are running the you are paying your bills. The reason being that once the small tube system gets warm it takes a very minimal amount of energy to maintain it at that level. some people are beginning to use this in a solar setting and go totally power neutral.

Are Septic Tanks for You?

They’re not the most pleasant household appliances to think about, but they keep life civilized for plenty of home owners all around the world. They also allow for RVs, airplanes, busses and boats to have bathrooms onboard, which many a weary traveler has appreciated in their moment of need. So how do septic tanks work and when is it time to invest in one? This article will help you answer those questions and many more.

septic tank2How do septic tanks work? Well, it’s not all that complicated. A septic tank is basically just a giant concrete or steel tank that is either buried in the yard or stored somewhere onboard a vehicle. Tanks vary in sizes and generally hold hundreds or even over a thousand gallons of water before they’re even used. Pipes between toilets and the tank allow for waste to enter the tank, where it either floats on top of the water and forms a scum layer or sinks to the bottom of the tank and forms the sludge layer. The middle layer is composed of a fairly clear mix of the original water and whatever particles of waste neither float nor sink.

Septic tanks contain bacteria that break down organic material in wastewater. The process creates gases that most people find extremely unpleasant. This is why sinks have loops of pipe called P-traps that hold water in the lower loop. That water blocks gases from flowing from the tank and into the house or vehicle where the tank is stationed. Instead, the gases flow up a vent pipe that generally opens up at the tip of the roof.

You may be wondering what happens when the septic tank fills. Overtime new water enters the tank, it actually displaces water that’s already been in there, which then flows out of the septic tank and into a drain field. These fields are made of perforated pipers buried in trenches filled with gravel. Drain field pipes are relatively large (around 4 inches in diameter) and open up into trenches 4-6 feet deep and 2 feet wide. The trenches are filled with about 2-3 feet of gravel and then another layer of dirt on top.

septic tank3The waste water is then slowly absorbed and filtered by the ground in the drain field. The size that the drain field needs to be is determined by how well the ground absorbs water. If the septic tank is installed in a place with hard clay that absorbs water slowly, the drain field has to be much bigger. Drain fields tend to actually be moisture and nutrient rich, making the land above them proliferate with foliage.

So who uses septic tanks and why? Septic tanks are definitely a pain to install (and downright awful to troubleshoot given some kind of issue), but they don’t necessitate a plumbing system, making them ideal for people that live off or far from the grid. They’re a lot more sanitary than a hole in the ground, but they don’t need any more electricity or infrastructure to create.

Look Out For the Best Plumbing Services

plumbing1Newly constructed homes and old homes are always in need of the best Plumbing services. Plumbing is not so an easy task and can be carried out by anyone. The task involves functions related to repairs and installation procedures relating to different types of taps, pipes, washers, valves and many other things. It is always advisable to engage the services of the professionals who have acquired skills of plumbing through training and hence can conduct the tasks in an effective manner. Modern hectic life of people makes them look out for the best service professionals so that they can carry out their other routines in a successful manner.

Hiring the best plumbers helps one to solve their problems in a hassle free manner as they offer the speedy service. For instance pipes that create problems with leakages can be easily solved if one hires a person who can fix up the problem in a short span of time. One cannot overlook such problems as water gets wasted and moreover one may have to face water shortage which leads to other routines a stand still one. From the appearance problems related to plumbing may look simple but in reality one finds it a complicated issue when they try to fix the same on their own. Hence it is important that plumbing services is the need of the hour with which one can identify the root cause of the problem and gets them fixed up.


Professional plumbers are well aware of the various parts related to plumbing as they carry out the tasks related to traditional and modern plumbing methods. They have sound knowledge about the various procedures and their experience in the field has made them experts. They can hence suggest their clients about the right kind of parts to be used to fix the related issue. Sometimes buyers face the problem with the spare parts and plumbers know which one can really fit the needs of the customers.

plumbing2They have knowledge about the replacement of the various parts even if the original part is not available in the market. People sometimes opt for renovation of the whole plumbing system for purposes of utilization of the modern innovative methods. Related to the above also one can get valuable suggestions from the professionals and can accordingly change the system. People normally opt for the modern features of plumbing as they have to spend more money on repairs of the old system.

A good example is replacement of the old water heater with a new one that can save a lot of money on energy consumption which has produced more bills on electricity due to the old heater. Always having a permanent solution from the service provider enables one to find out solutions for their problems of plumbing as they can contact them any time and trouble shoot the problem in a comfortable and convenient manner. Professional plumbing services are always trustable as they offer excellent quality services that offer complete satisfaction and guarantee to their valued customers. Although one avails various benefits out of the best plumbing services it is better one checks their credentials to get the best services in time.