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Crowd Funding Making Waves in IoT

There is a new partnership being forged right now that could change the way we see investment and how the internet of things comes into existence. This partnership is going on between Arrow Electronics and Indiegogo, which is one of the largest crowdfunding platforms in the world. This is being done in a way to effectively give the underdogs a shot when it comes to designing the homes of the future, as well as breaking the mold of what we usually expect and accelerate the rate of change for the future. 

This is being seen as a king of crowdfund to production platform that gives the designers and engineers a lot more autonomy over their products and how they want to be presented. Normally it is the case that when a product gets notices it is effectively taken from the creators and given some derivative form by too many heads and before you know it, what make it a great product to begin with is forever lost, and tainted.

A way to over come this is the participants will also be given access to the Arrow engineers for consulting or guidance if they so choose, however it is in no way a requirement or even an expectation. All in the company says the total package of benefits will exceed $500,000 per.

“If you ask an electrical engineer, they’re surprised to know that arrow really has a whole design capability.” Says Max Anderson of Longmont Design Force. The start up culture in general is one that usually invokes a sense of a small handful of people working in cramped spaces in their efforts to creating some new tech with nothing but their drive and desire to make it a reality. This is a good model for many apps or internet software however when it comes to the internet of things the entire startup game is on its side. The reason being is that what you need is infrastructure and the means to turn raw materials into usable products, and not only that they need to be cost effective. In a world where economies of scale are king, even the best conceived and designed products may never see the light of day given their lack cheapness when it comes to building it because they are at the bottom of the totem. This is all going to change with the aim of this partnership. 

“What makes it double hard for smaller companies is that the ecosystem surrounding the hardware space was not meant to help small companies, especially before companies like digi key and Mouser came along; Business schools and technical schools aren’t training students to be IoT innovators. Thy’re training them to be last revolutions entrepreneurs. They don’t take electrical engineering for example and combine it with marketing and supply chain management. There’s no degrees like that, but that’s what it take to be able to do this.” All tolled we are sure that the landscape of design and business itself is going to change forever. Whoever is at the ground floor now will see big gains in no time at all.