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Updating Your Water Heater

Everywhere you look home tech is on the up-and-up. There is perhaps no home appliance that affects our general comfort, well being, health, and overall happiness more than our water. We depend on them in so many ways so when buying your next water heater you should consider improving this vital equipment.
waterMost people today have some kind of tank type heater that is usually of a particularly follows the general principle where in a large reservoir of water is stored and warmed at a constant temperature and is insulated in some way. Weather they are electric or gas powered they are in any regard veterinarians of in efficiency. The reason being that the large sum of water needs to be maintained at a constant temperature where in at any time if someone were to call upon the water they would make sure that it is always at the ready. However, because of this the water must be stored at a much higher temperature than you would normally need for things such as showers or sinks, thus the extremely hot water is mixed with a cold water line in an attempt to dampen the heat. This is inefficient of 2 fronts, if one hand you are not only holding the water at a higher temperature than you need, you are also instantly quenching the energy produced that went into heating it up. Secondly, it is an inconvenience when you do end up using it and you have a high demand for the water and you run out it takes a relatively long time  heat the water back to the desired temperature.
lkjThis is the way most Americans get hot water and it is extremely inefficient. However, there are innovations in recent yeas that hope to begin to chip away at these problems. The first thing to consider is installing a system that is small tube in nature. What this means is that you have a water heater that is on a long network of tubes that intertwine and mix with one another and allow the small area have a much higher surface area to be affected by short more controlled bursts of heat energy. This allows for a dormant system to exist where by when no one is using the system it is completely off and using no energy waiting for someone to engage the system with the twist of the knob allowing for a rapid controlled burst of most commonly natural gas to heat the pipes in a manner of seconds and deliver it at the exact desired temperature allowing for the cold double system to be basically nullified. This is also a great benefit when you consider the fact that you can theoretically have hot water as long as the pipes are running the you are paying your bills. The reason being that once the small tube system gets warm it takes a very minimal amount of energy to maintain it at that level. some people are beginning to use this in a solar setting and go totally power neutral.