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Home Decor Hacks; Make Cheap Look Expensive

With a little opportunism and good taste, you can actually stretch a dollar pretty far without making aesthetic compromises. Think about it; the difference between old and vintage can be as simple as a layer of gloss stain. Here are a few examples of smart conversions that left home owners satisfied without breaking their bank.

white furniturePaint Inexpensive Furniture with High-Gloss White Paint

If you’re going for the open, clean and pure look, cheap furniture is generally going to ruin the mood. The exception: old, antique or otherwise inexpensive furniture that could stand a layer of paint. Often furniture looks old and cheap and is sold at a low price because its paint is chipping or in bad condition; all you have to do is find a nicely designed, structurally sound example of this and spruce it up with a quick sanding and a few layers of glossy white paint. If it’s a table or cabinet, consider putting a glass pane over the top for extra fanciness.

Paint Your Vinyl or Linoleum Flooring

Although it may sound unusual, there’s no real reason not to try painting your linoleum floors if they’re driving you crazy. This is an especially cheap solution to the eye sore that cheap and dirty linoleum tends to create, especially if you’re unlucky enough to have white or light-colored floors. All you need to do is clean your vinyl or linoleum floors with soap and water, scrub them with trisodium phosphate, sand off the finish. Prime the floors with latex wall primer and paint your floor with “porch & floor” paint. This paint is made to be weather proof and walked on.

mirrorWhen in Doubt, Add a Mirror

Cheap, framed mirrors can make any bedroom door look like it was made for a rich person. They’re an easy and cost-effective way to take up wall space and make your room look larger.

Hide Your Wires

Sometimes expensive and chic vibes can be attained through absence, which is probably a relief to people who can’t afford to buy anything. So much of the minimalist, organized cleanliness of a nice home can be attained by hiding your ethernet cables and extension cords and whatnot. You can use an inexpensive base-colored curtain rod to run your cables to outlets without having to sacrifice a clean-cut look.

Use Napkin Rings and Bows to Have a Rich Person Shower

Slightly counter-intuitive since poor people don’t have napkin rings, but on the off chance you see some around, know that they’ll make a plain shower curtain look like a tasteful, minimalist choice made by someone with the money to have picked something more expensive. If you use silk ribbon to tie the curtain to the napkin rings and remove the dead cat out of your bathtub drain it will look like a princess showers in your bathroom!

Put All Your Kitchen Sink Cleaning Products on a Cake Stand

Rich people eat cake a lot more than they clean cakes, or clean anything for that matter! That’s why you want to keep your cleaning supplies on a cake stand, so people think that there is usually a cake there, but your maid put your soap on it for a moment so that she could clean your counters for less than minimum wage.